Children (5-15)

The Healthcare and Public Perceptions of Immunizations (HaPPI) Survey Collaborative administered a survey to assess willingness to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. This study concluded that only about 50% of parents and adolescents were intending to get vaccinated (Poulsen, 2021). There are still many existing barriers to the vaccination of children and adolescents including safety concerns, level of effectiveness, and long-term effects. To address these issues, health care providers and public health officials can provide accurate data and decrease the amount of vaccine hesitancy for children ages 5-15. The chart below shows the percentage of the Iowa population that is fully vaccinated with the two lowest age groups consisting of 5-11 and 12-17.

Vaccination rates in Iowa for ages 5-11: 24.6%, 12-17: 49.7%, 18-64: 66.4%, and 65+: 98.4%



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