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Ask the Ethics Committee

Members of the NASW IA Ethics Committee answer questions from NASW Iowa Chapter Members

April 2018 edition: Should I refer my client to a lawyer for a potential malpractice claim?

Have an ethics question? 

One of the many benefits of NASW membership is an ethics consultation. Call the NASW IA office at 515-277-1117 or send us an email and we can route your question to our Iowa Chapter Ethics Committee for discussion or refer you immediately to our National Office of Ethics and Professional Review for an individual consultation with the international ethics experts on staff.

Legal Consultations

One benefit of NASW membership is legal consultation. Hopefully, you will never need it.  But if you do, know that you can call upon the NASW Office of General Counsel for assistance.   If you have a legal question, call the member services number at 1-800-742-4089 and ask for a legal consultation.   

If you have a legal question that relates to malpractice, and you have your liability insurance through NASW ASI, you can ask them for legal assistance as well.  Call them at 1-855-385-2160. 

For more information about the legal aspects of being a social worker, visit the NASW Legal webpage

Call or email the NASW-IA office for a list of attorney in Iowa who understand legal matters from a social work perspective: 515-277-1117 or