UPDATED: June 4, Advocacy alert on Senate Licensure bill

SF 2393 is on the calendar for

Thurs. 6-4  2 pm

for the Senate Ways & Means Committee meeting. 

Discussion on this bill was DEFERRED as they are waiting for amendments proposed by Senator Dotzler.

Additionally, Sen. Brown proposed substanial amendments, including language to keep the Governor's proclamation on telehealth payments in effect until 12-31-2020.  (We would prefer 7-1-2021, allowing the legislature to write a data driven bill. 

We will let you know when the Senate Ways & Means committee is next scheduled to meet


Overall this bill is very similar to the one on the House side, but with one key different – page 15, lines 4 through 7. 


It seems that this segment of the bill could allow social workers (and other professionals) who are licensed in other jurisdictions, but have different education levels,  to practice in the state of Iowa after three years.  The vast majority of states have similar licensing criteria as the state of Iowa, but Wisconsin does have one license that allows those without a full social work degree to earn a social work training certificate after earning any bachelor of art or bachelor of science degree and completing a human services internship or one year of social work employment.  It is unclear from this bill if the intent is to allow for the creation of a new license, which seems somewhat unlikely.  .


Here are some additional talking points:


This bill will not accomplish what seems to be the intent.  


Supporters seem to believe that the bill would allow those with a criminal background to more easily practice in licensed professions. 


The Iowa Board of Social Work does not generally prohibit those with a criminal background from becoming licensed unless the crime directly relates to the duties and responsibilities of the profession which seems to be one of the main purposes of the SF2393.


Nothing in the rules of the Iowa Board of Social Work prohibits the granting of a license to an applicant who has a criminal conviction. 


The bigger barrier seems to be liability insurance.  It can be difficult for those with criminal backgrounds to get liability insurance.


Supporters of this bill may wish to find more effective tactics that will actually help those with criminal background find employment.


The social work profession welcomes those with lived experience.  But if they can’t get liability insurance, that makes it very difficult to find a job in the social work profession.  



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Key contacts: Members of the Senate Ways & Means committee

Senate Ways and Means Committee


Waylon Brown

bill sponsor

Jake Chapman


Pam Jochum

ranking member

Dan Dawson

vice chair

Annette Sweeney


Joe Bolkcom


Jim Carlin


Jeff Edler


Herman C. Quirmbach


Jerry Behn


William A. Dotzler Jr.


Randy Feenstra


Eric Giddens


Zach Nunn


Jason Schultz


Roby Smith


Zach Wahls