Senate Telehealth Bill - HF2192 (on Senate side now)

Senate Human Resources Committee is meeting

Thurs. 6-4 at 10:15 am

HF 2192, a bill on telehealth is on the agenda for discussion.

This bill is very likely to be amended so please watch this space for updates.

Please email your state Senator about this bill and tell them at 100% of in-office reimbursement rate is very important for mental health providers and why.  Here are some talking points:


  • I am writing about the sections of the Governor’s proclamation on the use of telehealth and reimbursement rates for telehealth, which are scheduled to expire on 6-26-2020.
  • I hope that the Iowa State Legislature will make these details in her proclamation permanent, beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Choose one of these to elaborate on, to help your legislators understand why 100% of office visit rates are important:
    • Tell the legislators how telehealth has worked well for you in your social work practiced
    • Explain why telehealth is just as expensive for you to provide as in office visits and relate it to how this helps you serve your clients, if that is the case
    • Explain the administrative burden

If you have time for 1 email:

Find your State Senator:

Please be sure to email your legislators if they are Republicans.  Of course this is a bi-partisan issue, but the Republicans are in the majority, so they have the power.

Be sure to include your name and address.  It is OK to email the state legislators who will be working on these types of bills even if you don’t live or work in their districts.

Here is a list of the members of the Human Resources Committee with their email addresses.  (Emails are best right now – we have heard through partners that the Capitol Switchboard is VERY busy)

Jeff Edler Sen. Edler is working on the amendment of the bill 
Annette Sweeney Sen. Sweeney is the chair of the Human Resources committee
Liz Mathis Sen. Mathis is the ranking member of the committee and is very dedicated to good health care - if you have a good story about children, that would be a good to pass on to her
Mark Costello Sen. Costello is concerned about access - tell him how telehealth has ensured safe access to care for your clients
Thomas A. Greene Sen. Greene is a retired pharmacist, so generally understands health care issues.
Craig Johnson Sen. Johnson is concerned about rural economic development - he will be interested in any access stories that you may have.
Jim Carlin Sen. Carlin likes good legislation that solves the problem that it is intended to solve.  Explain to him why 100% reimbursment is important. 
Mark Segebart Senator Segebart is concerned about rural access and mental health services
Joe Bolkcom Senator Bolkcolm is a good ally and will understand broadband issues
Julian B. Garrett Sen. Garret is from a rural district, so access issues may appeal to him.
Pam Jochum Sen. Jochum is an excellent ally  and will want to see safe continuity of care
Herman C. Quirmbach Sen. Quirmbach is an excellent ally  and will want to see safe continuity of care
Amanda Ragan Sen. Ragen is an excellent ally  and will want to see safe continuity of care