Update: House Licensure bill action alert

HF 2470 passed the House Ways & Means Committee meeting on Wed. 6-3. 

Rep. Bobby Kaufmann, who is generally supportive of professional licensure, said that there will be some amendments. 

That could come as early as late this afternoon. 

This was a bi-partisan bill with only three democrats voting against it.

If you have not reached out to your own legislator, now would be the time to do so.

Here are some talking points:

This bill will not accomplish what seems to be the intent of the main booster – Americans for Prosperity.

(They have been sending texts about this issue to both social workers and physical therapists recently.)

Supporters seem to believe that the bill would allow those with a criminal background to practice in these licensed professions. 

The Iowa Board of Social Work does not generally prohibit those with a criminal background to become licensed unless the crime “directly relates to the duties and responsibilities of the profession” which seems to be one of the main purposes of the HF2470.

Nothing in the rules of the Iowa Board of Social Work prohibits the granting of a license to an applicant who has a criminal conviction. 

The bigger barrier seems to be liability insurance.  It can be difficult for those with criminal backgrounds to get liability insurance.

Supporters of this bill may wish to find a more effective tactic that will actually help those with criminal background find employment.

The social work profession welcomes those with lived experience. 

But if they can’t get liability insurance, that makes it very difficult to find a job in the social work profession.  

If you have time for 1 email, send it your state Representative.

If you have time for 2 emails, send the next one to Rep. Bobby Kaufmann (he is a supporter of professional licenure)

If you have time for 3 emails – send one to Rep. Brian Best – he is a respiratory therapist.  He understands licensure.

If you have time for 4 emails -- send one to Rep. Joel Fry, LISW.  He has a private practice and understands theimportance of licensure.

If you have additional time, email one of the other social workers in the House

State Rep. Mark Smith

State Rep. Marti Anderson

State Rep. Ross Wilburn


If you have time for more emails, chose a few on the list!