Iowa Students and New Professionals

professionals meeting at a conference

As a social work student you are already part of a dynamic profession, now is the time to join your professional organization! NASW is the largest and most recognized membership organization of professional Social Workers in the world, with more than 140,000 members across the nation and 1,100 members in the Iowa Chapter. Being an NASW member means not only having access to our unique membership benefits but also promoting, developing, and strengthening the professional practice of social work. NASW is the leading organization in lobbying for social work student loan forgiveness, improving salaries for professional social workers, and monitoring social work licensing regulations. Don't wait until after graduation to join, why not promote the social work profession now?

Students who are enrolled in a CSWE accredited BSW or MSW program pay only $48 annually for membership and receive access to all of NASW benefits and services both nationally and from their state chapter. That’s over 75% off the regular membership rate! In addition, students who join NASW before graduation and maintain continuous membership, qualify for transitional rates for up to three years following graduation: BSW student members who maintain continuous membership after graduation automatically enter a 2-year transitional period with reduced dues of $94 each year; MSW students enter a 3-year transitional period with reduced dues of $94 in years 1 and 2, and $143 in year 3. When you join NASW today and you immediately become a member of your NASW state chapter as well — at no additional cost!

NASW offers services to its student members that range from discounts on malpractice insurance to national scholarship opportunities. In addition, student members have access to valuable resources and publications, online and print job postings, licensing preparation course, specialty practice sections,opportunities for professional development, networking with social workers through branch activities, and the chance to make a difference all at discounted rates.