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Exposure and Ritual Prevention: The Most Effective Behavioral Treatment for OCD-LIVE WEBINAR


This live webinar will provide thorough training in the first line treatment for OCD called Exposure and Ritual Prevention or ERP.  The model for ERP, how to implement in, as well as common pitfalls will be explained and reviewed.  Case examples will be used to illustrate the points on how to provide this treatment from the beginning of treatment through termination.

OCD is one of the leading causes of disability among mental health disorders in the United States. Additionally, widespread acceptance from organizations around the world recognize ERP as a first line treatment alone, or in conjunction with specific medications. Yet, finding therapists well trained in ERP can often be difficult. My hope and goal of this workshop is to explain the model, its effectiveness, and increase interest in others becoming competent in this treatment.

Note: A general understanding of what is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is recommended because very little time is going to be spent on this.

About the Presenter:  

Zach Pacha is a licensed independent social worker (LISW) who has been practicing therapy for over 12 years. Mr. Pacha has a diverse background of working in several different outpatient clinics, including community mental health for 7 years. From these experiences Zach has learned and continues to strive for excellence in providing the best possible treatment.

He is a dedicated lifelong learner. A two-time University of Iowa graduate, with his undergraduate and master’s degrees in social work, Zach has continued with advancing his knowledge and skill through rigorous training. A grant opportunity allowed him to focus specifically on learning Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the treatment of Anxiety Disorders. The training lasted a total of two years and included reviewing and scoring of numerous recorded sessions for adherence to the CBT model. This training was provided by his mentor, Dr. Scott Temple.

Zach currently provides individualized therapy on a daily basis to clients. His focus is using evidence-based therapies for all Anxiety and OCD related disorders. In addition, he provides consultation to professionals, trainings with groups and organizations. He also is involved with the state of Iowa in providing ongoing training and fidelity assistance for three teams in the NAVIGATE model for individuals who experience first episode psychosis.

For questions please contact Kimberlee Gregory at or 515.635.5184

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