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Clinical Social Work Supervision: Professionalism, Boundary Issues & Countertransference in the Practice Setting-LIVE WEBINAR

This live webinar course is designed to fulfill the 3.0 supervision requirements of the Iowa Board of Social Work for LISWs providing supervision to LMSWs. This class has been designed as a follow up to the 6.0 Initial Clinical Supervision class provided by the NASW-IA. Other clinical social workers who have had at least 6.0 hours of clinical supervision instruction are welcome to join.


This 3 hr. supervision course will cover professionalism in Social Work practice and the importance of reviewing this with supervisees.  As supervisors we likely review with supervisee’s treatment plans, assessment skills, diagnostic skills, and interventions.  But, do we spend enough time with supervisee’s on professional behavior?  What does it mean to be a Professional?  How we dress? How we document? How we use social media?  As professionals, there are professional standards we need to uphold.  Assisting supervisees with understanding these professional standards, and reviewing common areas of vulnerability such as professional boundaries.  Course will cover the phenomenon of transference and counter-transference with clients, and how to assist supervisees to identify red flags.  The importance of assisting supervisees to understand their own unmet needs and to “Know Thy Self” to avoid common boundary violations in the profession.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Rules of Conduct as defined in the Administrative Rules regarding Professionalism.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the professional development of supervisees and the importance of addressing professional behavior throughout the supervision process.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the difference between social relationships and professional relationships, and how to assist supervisees with identifying the boundary differences.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of common errors in judgement made in the social work profession, and how to assist supervisee with avoiding these same errors and boundary violations.
  • Develop an understanding of how Transference/Counter-transference may impact professional judgement, and assisting the supervisee to be aware of their own unmet needs, and the importance of “ Knowing Thy Self”  to avoid potential boundary violations with their clients.

For questions, please contact Kimberlee at or 515.635.5184

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