Iowa Chapter Committees

The NASW Iowa Chapter is a volunteer based organization that relies on members to help move the mission of the association forward! There are many ways a social worker can be involved in the activities of the association. One way is through volunteering for one of the committees.

Chairs of the Committees are appointed by the Chapter President. The Chairs serve under the President, for two year terms. The Committees have a lot of ongoing activities that require the work of additional volunteers to help accomplish the goals of the committee.

Take a look at which committee is of interest to you and contact us today to get connected!


This committee looks at a variety of issues including working to become a diverse NASW Chapter, representative of all Iowans.
Chair: Brian Walker

Education & Training

This committee plans and delivers NASW-IA sponsored CEU events, including our largest event of the year:  our Annual Symposium. During the winter, the committee works to develop the coming year’s Symposium, including identifying the keynote speaker and topic. In the early summer, the committee reads through submitted abstracts to select break-out sessions for the event. Other time commitments including helping with any set up and arrangements prior to events and volunteering to help at the events.


This committee works to identify NASW-IA members across the state to run for office on the Chapter Board of Directors. The committee works to identify members representative of the state geographically, as well as culturally and linguistically. Work with this committee is approximately December through April with elections occurring in late spring.  Additionally, this committee works to identify social workers and members of the public who up hold social work values and honor them during our annual symposium. 
Chair: We are currently seeking a chair or co-chairs plus members of this committee. 


Iowa Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE) is the political action arm of NASW-IA. Committee members focus on reviewing candidates running for office and provide letters of endorsement and financial contributions to campaigns. During Symposium (held in October) they host the PACE Luncheon.  During election years they meet more frequently to look at candidates.  This committee almost always meets by phone, allowing for participation statewide.  
Chair:  Marisue Hartung

Social Policy

This committee is focused on developing our policy statements bi-annually. Usually each person agrees to take on a policy statement for review and make any needed changes. Also, if there are any issues we need to look at to develop a statement, someone will volunteer for this work.
Chair: Billie Marchik

Social Work Workforce

This committee is in the process of being restructured. In the past, committee members have worked on a multitude of issues including:  promoting the social work profession, similar to the work of the Public Education Campaign on a national level. If there are professional issues that need attention, this group would be a part of those efforts.  Additionally, this committee will be working to implement the 2019 NASW-IA Workforce Study and address the need to train and retain more professional social workers in Iowa.
Chair:  We are currently looking for a chair and members to serve on this committee.