Advertising Rates

Iowa Chapter Advertising Rates

The Iowa Chapter has a host of opportunities for you to advertise your job posting, office space, or continuing education opportunity with social workers across the state.

Below are options available to meet your needs.

Email Listserv
This is the opportunity to reach NASW Members via email. These emails generally go out on Friday mornings.  

This will reach the membership with current email addresses on file (approximately 900 email addresses).

Web Site Post your advertisement with us on our web site. This information is open to all social workers! Your ad will remain online for a period of 30 days.

Combo This allows you to send an email and post a 30 day advertisement for a discounted fee. This is a great way to advertise at a reasonable cost!

Type Email Listserv Web Site (30 days) Combo Email and Website
Employment $55 $55 $90
CEU Opportunities/Supervision/Groups/Services $80.00 $80.00 $130
Office Space (NASW Member) $45 for up to 75 words $45 for up to 75 words $80 for up to 75 words
Office Space (NASW non-member) $50 for up to 75 words $50 for up to 75 words $90 for up to 75 words

It's pretty simple: please email your ad to  how you want it placed (Email, website, combo) along with your contact information. Once the advertisement is placed, the Chapter Office will send you an invoice to pay. We request that all ads be less than one page and come to us in Word format so we can easily place them in an email and on our website.  Please include a JPEG of your logo.