NASW Iowa Contacts

Executive Director

Denise Rathman, MSW


During the COVID-19 Pandemic, email is the fastest way to reach Denise.

Denise is the registered lobbyist for NASW Iowa Chapter.

Education & Training Coordinator

Kimberlee Gregory, LMSW

Contact Kimberlee with your questions about our Education & Training Events.

Kimberlee staffs the Education & Training committee.

CEU Coordinator

Mike Wengert

Mike only works on Friday mornings.Please direct all initial questions to the Executive Director.

Please note: There is only one full-time chapter employee. If the executive director is out at meetings or at the legislature, the office will NOT be open.

It is always better to call or email for an appointment.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are almost exclusively working from home. Please contact us by email or telephone. We are in the office periodically to check mail.

Mailing address (please note – our office suite has changed)

Mickle Community Center

1620 Pleasant St. #250

Des Moines, IA50314

Fax: 515-277-2277