Board of Directors

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Executive Committee

President:     Julia Rose
President-Elect:  Vacant
Vice President for Budge & Finance:   Joshua Brewster
Vice President for Professional Development: Susin Bredice
Secretary:  Rebecca Williams

Branch Chairs
Central Branch:  Carolyn Hollister
Northeast Branch:  John Meyer

Northwest Branch:  Meg McKeon
Southeast Branch:  Lance Roorda
Southwest Branch:  Jan Creasman

MSW Student Representative:  Joseph Wernau
BSW Student Representative:   Kaylee Martin

Diversity - meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at 9:30 am.
PACE Committee:  chair - Marisue Hartung
Education and Training - Meets on Fridays at 9 am (frequency varies depending on time of year and workload)

Government Relations - meets every Friday at 1 pm during the Legislative Session