Board of Directors

2021~ 2022 Slate for Board Elections

Running for President-elect

Neseriani “Nese” Larsen, MSW, LISW, Des Moines


Neseriani graduated from Illinois State University with a BA in Social Work and Aurora University in Illinois with an MSW.  After receiving her MSW, she worked for a special education cooperative providing evaluations for children with learning challenges in rural Illinois.   She provided services for youth with stress reactions, trauma and/or learning difficulties on the south side of Chicago. She also spent part of her career as lead therapist in a classroom for early intervention day-treatment for children with autism in Minneapolis. In Des Moines, she has worked in a counseling center with a wide range of clientele including sometimes providing therapeutic support services for other social workers. 

Platform Statement-
"During my time here in Iowa, I have learned to give extra thought to what our our organizations need to be able to meet people where they are and to serve them.   I am running for social workers in the field collaborating toward meeting these systemic post-pandemic needs and challenges.  As the demand for mental health rises, we need to keep building our connections and pathways for social workers and other professionals to promote equity, justice, and advocacy to meet the needs of our communities across Iowa. "

Julia Rose, LISW, Iowa City

Bio Statement-
Julia Rose graduated with a BA in Psychology from Cal State Los Angeles in 2009 and earned her MSW in 2012 from the University of Iowa. She worked in higher education at UNI creating opportunities for military and veteran students through advocacy, policy development and raising awareness. Through collaborations with community partners she was able to bring events that connected hundreds of veterans and family members with resources. Her transition to the Veterans Health Administration led to working with individuals with complex PTSD and other mental health experiences. Her current role focuses on equitable access for women Veterans and providing resources and support for people who both use and experience intimate partner violence. Her commitment to equity and inclusion has led to being an active participant in organizational diversity committees which focus on education, awareness, and recommendations for best practices. 

Platform Statement-
If elected to the NASW IA Chapter Board I will continue to utilize my skills in advocacy, outreach, and community building to enhance the organization. I believe the Social Work profession has an active role in leading positive change in our communities by being engaged in discussions on anti-racism, equity, resilience, and non-judgment compassion toward those we work with. Our nation is beginning to wake up to the disparities that we have borne witness to for decades. To be effective and sustain ourselves, we need a strong community of professional support. If elected, I will focus on building a supportive community, positive visibility for our profession, and advocate for legislation that aligns with our code of ethics. 
Penny Sax
Readjustment counselor

Nikki Romer
Forensic Interviewer

VP for Education & Training

Susin Bredice, LISW, RPT-S, Urbandale

Bio/Platform Statement-

I currently serve as co-owner, clinical director, and practicing therapist for an agency that provides outpatient mental health, school based mental health, BHIS, and habilitation services.  Additionally, I am currently an adjunct professor teaching MSW students for the University of Iowa.  In the past 20 years, I have provided services in multiple arenas ranging from residential/PMIC facilities, in-home child welfare and behavioral health services, crisis advocacy, and foster care/adoptions services.  I am deeply committed to the advance of our profession through advocacy, continuing education, and a perpetual move towards growth.   Throughout the course of my professional career, I have served on conference committees, helped to coordinate large and small scale training events, and directly provided training on a variety of topics.  I have worked on multiple interdisciplinary teams in various roles and have a vast understanding of the many different contexts in which social workers may practice.  This has resulted in my involvement with the necessary training at multiple levels targeting specific needs for growth in our profession as whole.  I have a strong passion and dedication to the field of social work as evidenced by my track record of making decisions in business and in practice that hold myself and my colleagues to the highest level of accountability and integrity to advance our profession

Running for Southeast Branch

Lance Roorda, LISW, Leighton

Lance Roorda, LISW is the owner of Eunoia Counseling in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Roorda received his MSW from the University of Iowa in Des Moines, IA in 2013 and a BS in psychology from Iowa State University in 2007. Roorda is a licensed independent social worker working in rural Iowa with children, adults and families. His previous work history includes working is policy division for the Department of Human Services and as a public health consultant in early childhood development for the Iowa Department of Public Health. Roorda spent time working in the emergency room in a rural hospital and working with elderly veterans in their homes. Roorda was an Iowa state senate candidate in 2020. Roorda lives on his family’s century farm in Leighton, Iowa and is actively involved with community organizing and improvement.

Running for Central Branch

Carolyn Hollister, Ankeny


Carolyn Hollister, MSW is a 2021 graduate from the University of Iowa School of Social Work and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Grand Valley State University in Michigan. Her professional experience includes serving individuals experiencing foreclosure in the aftermath of the housing crisis and working with Medicaid recipients as part of a Managed Care Organization.More recently Carolyn has worked as an Employment Specialist for individuals living with disabilities at Candeo in Johnston from 2017 -2020. During her MSW education Carolyn completed internships at Des Moines Area Community College and Children and Families of Iowa and is currently working part-time in the Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit at Broadlawns Medical Center. Carolyn will be joining Full Heart Family Therapy and Renewal Center as a full-time mental health therapist in July 2021.

Platform Statement

I am honored to be considered for a position on the NASW Iowa Central Branch Board. As a newly graduated MSW I am excited about the opportunity to work with the social work community in central Iowa. I feel privileged to know so many enthusiastic new graduates and grateful to be able to learn from the social workers who have blazed the trail before us and share their knowledge and experience. One of the things I love most about our social work values are the way they foster a sense of community and connection. I believe it is important to have all our voices at the table and that together we can accomplish amazing things. I am grateful we can come together as a social work community to learn from each other, advocate for those we serve, and promote the profession of social work in the state of Iowa.

Running for BSW Student Representative

Victoria “Rose” Dietz – BSW student at Wartburg College

Bio Statement - My name is Victoria Rose Dietz, but I tend to go by Rose (she/her). I am currently going into my third year as a social work and political science major at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. I served as the BSW student representative for the NASW IA Board this past year and have thoroughly enjoyed this experience!

Platform - I have a passion for social justice and advocacy and being on the board allows me to not only explore these interests but also act on them. It is important to work towards empowerment and advocacy on this macro-level to bond together the social workers in Iowa on pertinent issues. I hope to continue to work towards this if I am elected for another term.

Running for MSW Student Representative

Lily DeForest Colvig – MSW Student at the University of Iowa School of Social Work, Des Moines Program

Bio Statement- 

Lily DeForest Colvig is entering her second year of Master of Social Work studies at the University of Iowa—Des Moines Pappajohn Education Center where she is focusing on micro social work while maintaining interest in macro as well. She attended the University of Iowa and obtained a B.A. in Communication Studies in 2019 prior to beginning the MSW program. In her time at the University of Iowa, Lily has held various leadership and volunteer positions in Dance Marathon, Alpha Chi Omega sorority, and as a member of the MSW Student Steering Committee. Lily became inspired to become a social worker after spending 16 months as a volunteer on the pediatric oncology and hematology unit at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Upon graduation, she hopes to work in the medical social work field.

Platform Statement-

After completing my first year of MSW coursework in the COVID-19 pandemic, I have seen the need and desire for greater connections between students and the social work field. Through feedback from my peers, I’ve heard a strong desire for greater opportunities for mentorship, networking, and connection opportunities to those who have been in the same shoes and are now working in the field. As the MSW Student representative, if elected, I would work towards a program that would allow social work students to build connections with social workers who are currently working in their respective fields. Further, I would like to continue to strengthen outreach to the respective MSW programs across the state to encourage student membership and participation. The more students that participate, the stronger the Iowa chapter will be and the greater opportunity to improve as an organization.

Yvonne Farley, MSW, LISW
Clinical Assistant Professor—University of Iowa School of Social Work, Pappajohn Education Center

Billie Marchik, MSW
Clinical Assistant Professor—University of Iowa School of Social Work, Pappajohn Education Center

Harmony Linden, MSW, LISW
Lecturer—University of Iowa School of Social Work, Pappajohn Education Center

Kelly Sikardi -- MSW Student at the University of Iowa School of Social Work, Iowa City Program


Ballot will open on Tuesday, June 1, 2021

A link to the ballot will be emailed to all eligible NASW IA members.

Watch here for more information about each candidate.

Executive Committee

President:   Tony Raymer
President-Elect:  VACANT until 2021-2022 election
Vice President for Budge & Finance:  Andy Eastwood
Vice President for Professional Development: Zach Pacha
Secretary:  Abe Vysocky

Branch Chairs
Central Branch:  Vacant - we will fill this during the election in June 2021
Northeast Branch:  Lauren Schuur

Northwest Branch:  Mayra Lopez
Southeast Branch:  Kim Feeney
Southwest Branch:  Jan Creasman

MSW Student Representative:  Mosi Mandil
BSW Student Representative:   Rose Dietz

Committee Chairs
Diversity:  Brian Walker
PACE Committee:  Marisue Hartung
Education and Training:
Social Policy:  Billie Marchik