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2022-2023 NASW IA Chapter Board Elections

A link to the On-line ballot has been emailed to all NASW Iowa Chapter Members in good standing who are eligible to vote in elections from whom we have a good email address. 

If you prefer to complete a paper ballot  or need a link to the electronic ballot please contact the Chapter office at (515) 277-1117.

5:00 PM CT Monday, June 13, 2022

Candidate Statements

2nd Vice-President for Budget and Finance


Term: 7-1-2022 to 6-30-2024 ( two year term)

Joshua Brewster, LISW (University of Minnesota ~ MSW, MHA)
System Director – Social Work; CommonSpirit Health

I have had the good fortune to be a social worker in three states and to lead teams of social workers in a variety of settings.The common thread has always been NASW and the direction it gives us as social workers – ethical direction, practice direction, advocacy direction and creating a community of social workers. I hope to help NASW continue to be revenant and to respond to the challenges we face, as social workers and as leader in social work.


Term:7-1-2022 to 6-30-2024 (two year term)

There is one candidate - VOTE FOR ONE BELOW

Rebecca M. Williams, LISW(MSW ~ University of Iowa)
West Des Moines, IA
Therapist-Infant Mental Health Specialist, Open Hearts Therapy

As a social worker specializing in infant and early childhood mental health, I have spent time as a mental health consultant, team lead and private practitioner. Each of these positions have given me unique experience in advancing the social work profession.

As a mental health consultant I worked within a childcare center to support teachers and families in the developmental, social/emotional and behavioral needs of young children. This position required significant collaboration with a wide range of professionals including other social workers, medical providers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, DHS workers and public school staff. I also conducted training regarding child development, childhood mental health and the impact of trauma on young children.

At a local mental health agency, I provided leadership for a team of therapists. In this role I provided formal training and education to a group of mental health therapists working with a wide range of individuals. I also participated in program development and coordinated with other agencies to meet the mental health needs of children within the community. I collaborated with DHS workers regularly for individual clients while providing overall advocacy and education regarding children and families in the child welfare system. Additionally, I advocated for children’s mental health needs within the court system.

Currently, in my current role as a private practitioner, I participate in a reflective consultation group that encompasses individuals across the state to support infant and early childhood mental health needs. I continue to offer collaboration with other individuals involved in client care. I have consistently worked to further my own practice and seek out professional development opportunities.

I appreciate the opportunity to use these skills to support the growth and development of social workers in Iowa.

BSW Student Representative

There are two candidates for BSW Student Rep. VOTE FOR ONE BELOW

Term:7-1-2022 to 6-30-2023 (one year term)


Priscilla Heronemus (BSW Student ~ Grand View University)
Waukee, IA
Youth Recovery Advocate, YSS

I have been the Director of Finance of several non-profit organizations in which I worked in a leadership role.In each position held, I worked to empower my team to work toward the overall goals of the mission.Staff involvement increased while in these roles.

I am also the secretary of the Social Work Club at Grandview University and have gotten professors to incorporate an annual service project into their cirriculum’s going into 2022-23 academic year. This will not only get more students involved but also bring increased awareness to issues we as a club work hard to address within the community and for the university as a whole.


Kaylee S. Martin (BSW student ~ Luther College)
Decorah, IA
Skills Trainer, Opportunity Homes, Inc

I am currently the vice president of the Luther College Social Work Association and the Special Olympics at Luther College organization. I am currently a caregiver (otherwise known as a “skills trainer” at Opportunity Homes Inc. and a peer leader with the Luther College TRIO program, so I have a large amount of experience working with clients and coworkers in an area that is similar to the Social Work field. I am extremely dedicated to anything I set my mind to, and I am also extremely passionate about anything and everything that has to do with this field. 

MSW Student Representative

Term:7-1-2022 to 6-30-2023 (one year term)

There are Three Candidates for MSW Representative


Shannon M. Kaster (BSW ~ Grand View University)
Des Moines, IA
MSW Student ~ University of Iowa
Integrated Servce Coordinator, Community Support Advocates

As an undergrad in the Grand View BSW program, I helped to create the Social Work Club by6 facilitating the drafting of the by-laws and the mission of the club.I was elected as president of the club and served as such until I graduated.Under my leadership, we held many events on campus to raise awareness about social work and social justice issues on campus.In addition, I facilitated a speed mentoring event that allowed social work students and human service students to interview professionals in the community.Some connections led to longer term mentorships or field placement opportunities and allowed students a way to see themselves in various career paths.I served as a student representative on the Grand View Social Work Educational Advisory Board as the BSW program worked towards CSWE accreditation.In addition, I served as Vice President of the AAUW club and collaborated with professors and GVU resistrar’s office to successfully advocate for a Women & Gender Studies class be added to the course electives.

Prior to this, I served as the Vice President of DMACC Urban Student Activities Club.During my leadership, we held events that helped 350 students get free school supplies for themselves or their children attending school, we raised $2,100 worth of donations for the Young Women’s Resource Center, and I also collaborated with school administration to create “The Quiet Room” on the DMACC Urban Campus for nursing mothers to use while attending classes.

During my academic career at both the DMACC and Grand View I was honored to receive several awards and recognition regarding my leadership on campus.I would be thrilled to have an opportunity to serve as the NASW MSW student representative and contribute ideas for advancing student engagement at the graduate level.

Nicole L. Schrader
MSW Student ~ University of Iowa
West Des Moines, IA
Clinical Therapy Intern, Mosaic Family Counseling

I have extensive experience working in different service fields. I have worked in upper management to program leads to board member. As an extrovert, I am passionate about making positive connections and uplifting my fellow social workers and students by building coalition to create social policy change and promote equity.

Joseph Wernau (BSW ~ Grand View University)
MSW Student ~ Grand View University
Ankeny, IA

I am a non-traditional student from a blue-collar background. Prior to returning to school, I had a few years of experience in leadership/management positions.The more applicable experience I have is from my current BSW practicum with NASW IA; lobbying state legislature members with success in changing proposed legislation and program/grant development, and forming partnerships with other community organizations.I have also served as a student representative on the GVU Social Work Advisory Council for the last two years.

Northeast Branch Chair

Term:7-1-2022 to 6-30-2024(two year term)

There were no nominees for the position of Northeast Branch Chair.This position will be filled by appointment of the 2022-2024 Iowa Chapter president.

Please contact the Chapter office (515-277-1117) or our current president-elect, Julia Rose ( if you or anyone you know might be interested in this position.


Northwest Branch Chair

Term:7-1-2022 to 6-30-2024(two year term)

Vote for One

Meg McKeon, LISW, EdD (MSW ~ Univ. of Maryland – Baltimore;
EdD ~ University of Pennsylvania)
Storm Lake, IA

Psychotherapist – Plains Area Mental Health Center

Experience: 26 years as senior administrator at institutions of higher education, including a medical college. I have been a clinical/independent social worker in community mental health and/or college health since 1991. While also serving in administrative and direct service positions I have taught college classes at the BSW level and Master level classes in counseling.

Leadership: I have been an active member of NASW since 1989. During that time I served as the President of NASW-MD; was co-chair of licensure committee to bring level of clinical licensure to Maryland (LISW-C) and served on the national LGBT committee. I was active in planning or assisting in planning of regional conference as well as the national conference. My leadership style is one of collaboration geared also toward growing others professionally as well as personally. I have taught, coached and mentored students, new professionals in the field of social work as well as other professions including student doctors.

I am committed to social justice, diversity, equity, inclusion, and the values/principles of NASW. The role of NASW is vital to the continued role, growth and presence of professional social workers in order to serve individuals, families and communities. As NW Branch chair, I will be an active participant in all board activities while also working to recruit and retain members in order to bring new leadership to our chapter and branch for the future.

Nolan M. Vitzthum, LISW, ACSW (MSW – University of South Dakota)
Humboldt, IA
Mental Health Provider, Humboldt County Memorial Hospital

I have previously served on the South Dakota and Wyoming NASW boards.I have served on clubs and organizations in my academic career.I currently serve on my town’s art council board.I also assist in providing training, supervision and planning of local mental health events through my position with the hospital.

Board Position Descriptions:

Second Vice President for Budget and Finance Description

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Executive Committee

President:   Tony Raymer
President-Elect:  Julia Rose
Vice President for Budge & Finance:  Andy Eastwood
Vice President for Professional Development: Susin Bredice
Secretary:  Abe Goetz

Branch Chairs
Central Branch:  Carolyn Hollister
Northeast Branch:  VACANT

Northwest Branch:  Mayra Lopez
Southeast Branch:  Lance Roorda
Southwest Branch:  Jan Creasman

MSW Student Representative:  Lily Colvig
BSW Student Representative:   Rose Dietz

Diversity - meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at 9:30 am.
PACE Committee:  chair - Marisue Hartung
Education and Training - Meets on Fridays at 9 am (frequency varies depending on time of year and workload)

Government Relations - meets every Friday at 1 pm during the Legislative Session